Keystone to Opportunity: 2014-2015 Focus Areas

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Focus Area I

To form a DISTRICT DATA TEAM that will be comprised of members from the Individual Building Data Teams.  The District Data Team will analyze and collaborate about data i.e., benchmarks to include GRADE, GMADE, Study Island, etc., as well as CDTs across grade levels and between and among buildings.  With an emphasis and focus on READING ACROSS the CONTENT AREAS, a specific lens will be focused on increased reading achievement and how that actually should impact an increase in academic achievement across all subject areas.  Along with Reading in the Content Area, the Pre-K program will emphasize the importance of literacy in children’s academic and social development by providing monthly parent/community informational sessions.  These sessions will be conducted in conjunction with our Hosanna House and Sunshine partners.  The Parent Community Liaison will facilitate the monthly meetings and recruit professional presenters for each of the nine sessions to be offered during the 2014-15 school year.  Also, literacy materials, i.e. books, puzzles, listening tapes, etc. will be distributed to the participants during these informational sessions.


Focus Area II

To collect data on the faculty’s and staff’s core values and beliefs about students and students’ learning. The data will be analyzed to decipher how the groups’ values and beliefs might have an impact on student achievement particularly in literacy. These core values and beliefs may also be reflected in the H.E.A.T. walk-through data that is generated by the building administrators.  The priority is to have ALL faculty and staff to believe that ALL STUDENTS can learn and will become productive, working, engaged and successful adult members of society.  It is imperative to embed core values within the literacy program in order for students to understand how to deal with difficult cultural differences in our society in the 21st century.  We must emphasize that ALL members of society must be able to read, write and speck intellectually in order to make politically  correct decisions and to function as productive members of society in the 21st century.


Focus Area III

Data analysis will be taken to the next level by being sure that all faculty and administration thoroughly understand and can efficiently manipulate the data warehousing system to the fullest extent. Also, to assure that there are clear set agendas for each building data analysis meeting.  To assure that agenda items are carried out, minutes for each meeting are taken and submitted to the building principal(s), superintendent, KtO Coordinator and KtO Data Liaison for ongoing review. The data reviews will suggest the adjusts that need to be made in the delivery of the eligible content as indicated by data outcomes, the need for individual student interventions, moving within the RtII levels, etc.



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