Older Kelly Star Students Go Bowling, PreK-2nd Grade Enjoy PJ Movie Day

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Kelly Stars in grades 3-6 were rewarded for their hard work, good decision making and positive behavior with a day of bowling! There were a lot of strikes, spares and smiles. Special thanks to Mrs. Galore for organizing the field trip. We had a blast!

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Students in PreK-2nd grade enjoyed a PJ movie day. They looked absolutely adorable with their stuffed animals and jammies.

To make the Kelly Stars list, students must follow these eight rules during a nine week period:

1. Come to school on time.
2. Walk correctly through the hallway.
3. Use the restrooms appropriately.
4. Respect classmates.
5. Respect teachers.
6. Participate in learning activities with best effort.
7. Exhibit good cafeteria manners.
8. Exhibit good playtime manners.

If a student breaks one of the rules, he or she gets a decision point. All students with less than nine decision points during the nine week period receive an in or out of school reward.

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