• 50 Former Wilkinsburg HS Books Donated to Ugandan Orphanage Malayaka House
  • Wilkinsburg’s School District and Community Create Blueprint for the Future
  • District Launching After-School Dinner Program for All School Age Children in Wilkinsburg
  • Video: 3rd Grader Kelly Students Create 3-D Self Portraits
  • State Education Panel Shows Interest in Pittsburgh-Wilkinsburg Partnership Success
  • Enroll at Kelly and Turner Elementary Schools now!
  • Gifted Math Students Compete in Duquesne University’s CalcuSolve Tournament
  • Assistant to the Superintendent, Dr. Cubelic, Receives Prestigious 2017 Outstanding Supervision Award
  • Transformation and Turnaround at the Wilkinsburg School District [White Paper]
  • Half Day Early Dismissal Dates for 2017-2018 School Year
  • School Board & Superintendent Update on Elementary Schools Renovations

Wilkinsburg School District is a small system of walkable neighborhood schools that has proudly served its community for over 100 years. Our board, leadership, and faculty promote academic excellence and personal growth through strong programs and community ties. Our commitment to continuous improvement in educational and extracurricular opportunities are evidenced at Kelly and Turner elementary schools, where programs and facilities are being upgraded, and through our middle and high school partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools, which enables our children to take advantage of the superior learning opportunities at Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy starting in 2016-2017.

Good Student Behavior on Children’s Museum Field Trip Impresses Wilkinsburg Community Leader

Check out these pictures from a recent Kelly Elementary School field trip to the Children’s Museum. The students had a lot of fun! Also, read the letter copied below from Pastor Deborah Warren of the #Wilkinsburg Second United Presbyterian Church. She was at the museum on the day of their field trip and wrote us a wonderful letter […]


School Storytelling Assemblies with the Queen of Hearts

Pre-K and Kindergartners at Kelly and Turner Elementary Schools enjoyed a lovely visit by the Queen of Hearts. At her storytelling assemblies, students enacted parts of the story as characters and learned big words and ideas such as “cooperation” and “responsibility.”


School Community Visioning Conference at Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy

This Saturday, Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy – where our 7th-12th graders go to school – is hosting a Visioning Conference for the school community. Attending parents, students, teachers, staff, alumni and community members will have the opportunity to give their input and help build the framework for student success beyond high school. #PartnershipPride


Kelly & Turner January Student of the Month Winners

Three cheers for our January Student of the Month winners! Congratulations and keep up the good work.


Kelly Kindergarten Students Celebrate Groundhog’s Day with Miss Cookie

Miss Cookie visited Kelly Elementary School’s kindergarten classrooms to read students a story about Groundhog’s Day. She also brought her famous groundhog-shaped cookies. The students loved Miss Cookie’s company, story time and, of course, the treats!


February Wilkinsburg Sun Issue

The February issue of the Wilkinsburg Sun is here. Check out the School District page below, then click here to read the rest of the newsletter!


School Board & Superintendent Update on Elementary Schools Renovations

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