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  • Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year – Letter from the Superintendent
  • Wilkinsburg’s School District and Community Create Blueprint for the Future
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  • District Launching After-School Dinner Program for All School Age Children in Wilkinsburg
  • Transformation and Turnaround at the Wilkinsburg School District [White Paper]

Wilkinsburg School District is a small system of walkable neighborhood schools that has proudly served its community for over 100 years. Our board, leadership, and faculty promote academic excellence and personal growth through strong programs and community ties. Our commitment to continuous improvement in educational and extracurricular opportunities are evidenced at Kelly and Turner elementary schools, where programs and facilities are being upgraded, and through our middle and high school partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools, which enables our children to take advantage of the superior learning opportunities at Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy starting in 2016-2017.

Student Social Studies Assignment on U.S. Landform Regions and Bodies of Water

Ms. Polosky’s 5th grade students worked in groups and researched various landform regions and bodies of water.  For both subjects, they created mini-posters with labeled maps and detailed notes.  The students presented their work on landform regions and bodies of water separately, allowing for practice and feedback on their public speaking skills.  Students showed significant […]


[Photo Gallery] Students Write Letters to Malayaka House Peers in Uganda

50 Former Wilkinsburg HS Books Donated to Ugandan Orphanage Malayaka House. Accompanying these books were letters written by 5th and 6th grade Turner Elementary School students to the Ugandan children who will be receiving them. Photo gallery below:


STEAM Lesson “Parachute Drop” Teaches 2nd Graders About Gravity

Turner second graders learned about gravity during STEAM class lesson “Parachute Drop.” First, students constructed the parachute itself, measuring the lengths of the chute and the string, and tying the knots themselves. Then, STEAM teacher Russ Bush taught the students about gravity and the rate at which chute falls in feet per second. Students conducted […]


Black History Celebration at Turner Elementary School

Throughout the month of February, the students and staff at Turner Elementary engaged in various activities to commemorate and celebrate Black History Month.  Students researched and explored the many accomplishments of African Americans in History, Music, Science, Business, Government and Culture. The festivities culminated in the February 28th Black History Celebration on the beautiful former […]


Wilkinsburg Schools Celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday & Read Across America Day

At the beginning of the month, Turner and Kelly Elementary Schools celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America Day. For example, the first graders at Turner dressed up as “Things” and rotated between other first grade classrooms to hear different books by Dr. Seuss and completed an activity to go with each story, which […]


Wilkinsburg’s School District and Community Create Blueprint for the Future

Today, community leaders, parents, staff and administration sat down together and discussed the Wilkinsburg School District’s top assets, challenges, and goals. We believe that a brighter future for our children includes a partnership with our community, so we are grateful for the outpouring of support and meaningful feedback from our fellow community members. The conversations […]


50 Former Wilkinsburg HS Books Donated to Ugandan Orphanage Malayaka House

Edulink, the vendor that provides our Teacher Evaluation software, came to us with a wonderful opportunity to engage with the orphanage they sponsor in Uganda called Malayaka House. They asked if we could donate books for those children, and we happily accepted. Keri Boyer, librarian at Turner Elementary, selected fifty non-fiction books, primarily biographies, from […]

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