Transformation and Turnaround at the Wilkinsburg School District [White Paper]

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“The Wilkinsburg School District is undergoing transformative changes.  The 2016-2017 school year brought a new Superintendent, Dr. Linda Iverson, who has already shown herself to be an effective agent of change.  And the new partnership with Pittsburgh Public Schools has begun to bear fruit in the form of improved outcomes overall and a number of impressive success stories.

To create the type of outstanding school district that provides students with an exceptional elementary experience to prepare them for high school, college and careers in the 21st century, the district must maintain its momentum. With that in mind, the district has developed this outline of the past year’s improvements and of its agenda for the near future. 

Areas of improvement and change include enrollment, finances, human resources, WSD/PPS partnership, professional development, renovations of the elementary school buildings and staffing and curriculum.”

This white paper can be read in full here: Transformation and Turnaround at the Wilkinsburg School District.

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