Wilkinsburg Applies for $2 million for Safety and Security Grant

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The primary responsibility of the Wilkinsburg School District is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. The safety of our students continues to be of utmost importance. The administration, faculty and staff continually work to ensure the safety of students and staff on a day-to-day basis. We take any threats of violence, criminal misconduct and bullying very seriously and continually work to ensure the safety of students and staff on a day-to-day basis. 

Our staff is trained each year with the help of the Police Department on lockdown and evacuation procedures and is well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise. The Police Department is also well-prepared to respond to school emergencies and utilizes our facilities to train staff for crisis situations. Our safety measures include secured entrances security personnel on duty during the school day.  We continue to follow these procedures:

  • All staff must have their ID on them at all times and it should be visible.
  • All visitors must sign in at the main office and receive a visitor’s pass.
  • Students and staff are not to open any exterior doors for anyone.
  • Teachers participated in simulated A.L.I.C.E active shooter training  
  • As required, our schools practice their emergency drills throughout the year.

The district has an excellent relationship with the police department and works closely with them to review security protocol and procedures. In the days ahead, we will begin a discussion to develop the District-wide Safety and Crisis Management, including Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Plan.  Additionally, the district completed and submitted an application for a Safety and Security Grant to the Pennsylvania State Department of Education to request funding for the following activities over a two year period:

  • To hire a vendor to conduct the required district safety and security assessments; 
  • To provide mandatory trainings and supports and other areas of training; 
  • To provide staff training in trauma-informed care; 
  • To develop and implement research-based violence prevention programs that address risk factors to reduce incidents of problem behaviors among students, including but not limited to bullying;
  • To purchase security-related technology to include metal detectors, protective lighting, surveillance equipment, special emergency communications equipment, automated external and theft control devices and training in the use of security-related technology; 
  • Costs associated with the training, hiring, and compensation of school resource officers and school police officers; 
  • Costs associated with the training and compensation of certified guidance counselors and licensed professional social workers, clinical social workers, and psychologist

With these grant funds, the district will help stem any potential harmful acts from occurring in our schools and build a foundation of high expectations, rigorous content and persistent support to the community and staff.


Linda J. Iverson, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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