Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh Westinghouse Students Have a Joint Field Day at North Park

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Tuesday, over 200 students, grades 6-8, from Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy gathered for a joint field day in North Park so they could meet and get to know their future classmates. With a DJ playing upbeat music over the North Park Lodge sound system, the day began with various team building activities that groups made up of students from each school and grade had to complete by working together.

For one such activity, the hula hoop challenge, students stood in a circle holding hands while passing a hula hoop around without letting go. Another activity required groups of three to make and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but here’s the catch the student eating the sandwich could not use their hands at all and the two partners had to stand behind and only use one hand each.

Following the team building activities, the students played capture the flag, threw water balloons, and participated in relay races while carrying raw eggs on wooden spoons, among various other games.

With Wilkinsburg middle and high school students attending Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy at the beginning of the next school year, this field day was a great opportunity for the students to begin to form friendships.

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