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Academic Coaches

Our Academic Coaches help teachers to recognize what they know and can do, assists teachers as they strengthen their ability to make more effective use of what they know and do, and supports teachers as they learn more and do more.
Roles and Responsibilities of the Literacy Coach:
  • Resource Provider: assists teachers with materials, tools, and information to support classroom instruction
  • Data Coach: organizes and analyzes data, facilitating conversations among faculty and supports teachers and administrators in using data to improve instruction
  • Curriculum Specialist: helps teachers use the national, state, and district curriculum standards to plan instruction and assessment
  • Instructional Specialist: collaborates with teachers in designing instruction to meet the needs of all students Mentor: provides guidance and structure, encouraging relationships, focusing on teachers’ strengths, and collaborating and discussing common issues of concern
  • Classroom Supporter: co-planner, co-teacher, and feedback provider
  • Learning Facilitator: helps coordinate and facilitate learning experiences for school staff and provides opportunities for professional growth on all levels
  • School Leader: assists and serves on leadership teams to help bridge gaps between and among programs while remaining focused on the school goals
  • Catalyst For Change: models and facilitates continuous improvement on the classroom and school levels
  • Learner: models continuous learning by using reflection on and of practice while providing opportunities for proactive support
Turner Intermediate Literacy Coach
Kelly Primary Literacy Coach
Turner Intermediate Math Coach
Kelly Primary Math Coach