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School Nurse

Kelly Primary and Turner Intermediate

The Nurses at our schools provide care and health preventative measures when needed for our students. 



The role of the school nurse is to link healthcare and educational goals, provide care coordination, and advocate for quality student-centered care.  The nurse serves to optimize the student’s health and safety, which will increase their capacity to learn. Keeping students healthy and safe will assist in supporting academic success.


The school nurse will assist the school district in the prevention of vaccine preventable diseases by focusing on the promotion of vaccines through immunization of the students. Also, prevention and management of other infectious diseases by teaching and emphasizing the use of infection control measures by practicing Universal Precautions.






Providing direct care for the assessment, planning, and evaluation of students with acute and chronic health issues and first aid needs. The nurse will communicate with parents, and related staff of the students the care needs, and make referrals to the appropriate healthcare resources as needed. Coordinate and communicate with the parents/guardians the policy for students who will receive medication at school.



Coordinate and continual review of immunizations to assure that students are compliant with county and state school regulations, and follow up with parents/guardians as appropriate. Review health care forms for blood lead screening and Physical exams for mandated grade levels



Complete mandated health screenings on students (vision, hearing, weight/BMI).  Communicate with the parents/guardians of the students who should follow up with the appropriate healthcare professional for further evaluation.  



Promote dental health by coordination with Allegheny County Health Dental Department to provide dental sealants for grade one, grade three, grade six,and Fluoride treatment for PreK students.  Communicate with the school dentist to provide mandated dental screenings for grades one and three.  Communicate and follow up with parents through phone calls and letters of the students referred for further dental care. 



Monitor and assess the needs of medically fragile students. Follow up with parents/guardians, and the appropriate healthcare resources to ensure and maintain optimal well-being of those students.






The availability of the school nurse for assessment of acute and chronic health needs, care planning and ongoing evaluation of students, and needed follow up with the appropriate healthcare resources will provide an environment that will assist in the academic success for the student body at Kelly Primary and Turner Intermediate.

Nurses and Nursing Department head complete ongoing reports and compile data throughout the year to meet state and county criteria, as well as reimbursement of services for the school district.  Reports include but are not limited to Immunization, infectious disease and SHARRS.  


Nurses take part in ongoing continuing education throughout the school and calendar year to maintain licensure and certification requirements set forth by the Department of Education and the PA State Board of Nursing.