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Will all students, regardless of their proximity to their school, be bused?

No. Only students K-6 who live further than .7 miles from Kelly Primary and Turner Intermediate will receive busing. All others, attending Kelly Primary and Turner Intermediate will be considered walkers.


Wilkinsburg Students Attending PPS - Grades 7-12

Westinghouse High School students will be assigned a school bus by the Wilkinsburg School District.  Charter School students will have the availability of Port Authority Connect Cards or daily single trip tickets for their entire school calendar year when they return to school in person. Private and Parochial students will receive Port Authority Connect Cards when the Wilkinsburg School District returns to in-person instruction and starts busing Turner Intermediate and Kelly Primary students.


When will students receive bus information?

Students will receive their bus information one to two weeks before school starts.


Bus transportation is a privilege, not a RIGHT.