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The Wilkinsburg School District is committed to academic achievement for all students. School district policies set forth standards of behavior and responsibilities for our students and create an environment of respect and accountability, where students flourish and are fully aware of their responsibilities. Below is a list of all Wilkinsburg School District policies pertaining to students. Policies were developed with the assistance of the Pennsylvania School Board Association. To view a policy, please click on the link below:

Wilkinsburg School District Policy Manual

Title 1: Parent Involvement Policy

Title 1 recognizes the vital role that parents, guardians and community play in the education of their children.  Decades of research have confirmed that students with involved parents are more likely to succeed in school.  In accordance with the Elementary & Secondary Act (ESEA) legislation, the Wilkinsburg School District Federal Programs Title I office has developed a comprehensive parent/community involvement program, in collaboration with Allegheny Intermediate Unit#3.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has recognized that parental involvement is the key to academic achievement and has developed a parent involvement policy.

The Wilkinsburg School District believes that a clean-cut and professional image reduces distractions and promotes learning. Therefore, school uniforms are expected to fit the student appropriately, be cleaned on a regular basis, and cannot deviate from the stated required uniform. Students are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean, and professional manner at all times. OUTLINED BELOW IS THE PRESCRIBED SCHOOL UNIFORM FOR STUDENTS IN GRADES K-12.

  • Pants: All pants/slacks must be solid blue or tan-colored (inclusive of Khaki, Dickie styled; or Capri ¾ length pant-April through October. All pants must fit within an inch around the waist. No cuffs in the pants/slacks. No baggy, saggy, or draggy pants. No pants trailing on the ground, they must be above the heel of the shoe. No jeans, cargo/carpenter pants, leggings or sweatpants. Pants cannot be worn inside of boots or boot type shoes. Girls may wear Capri length (3/4 length) pants April through October.
  • Shorts are not permitted to be worn to/in school, except in physical education class.
  • Belts are optional; however, it is recommended that students wear the belts when feasible. The belts must be solid black, brown or navy in color. If the pants are too large, the school will provide a belt for the day.
  • Footwear: Style can consist of athletic shoes, laced shoes and/or shoe boots, loafers or other closed toe shoes. No house slippers, flip-flops, mules, open-toed sandals, or any other type footwear that could constitute a safety hazard. Students are forbidden from wearing steel-toed shoes or boots, stiletto type shoes, or any 2 ½ inch high shoes with the school uniform.
  • Shirt Polo-style and button down solid short or long sleeve shirts in Navy Blue, White or Red may be worn and purchased from a local retailer. (Shirts do not have to have the Wilkinsburg logo on them, though a limited supply is available at the high school) Shirts should fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger or one size smaller than the student. Shirts should not be tied at the bottom, nor should more than one button from the top be undone. Shirts can be worn inside or outside of the pants. Students can decide which looks better on them.
  • Ties can be worn with button-down shirts, but must be solid colors such as: Navy Blue, White or Red. Skirts and Jumpers: Can be either solid khaki or solid navy blue. Must be worn with school color designated tops.
  • Skirts/jumpers must be no shorter than one (1) inch above the knee. Socks, stocking, or tights must be worn to match shirts, skirts, jumpers, or pants. No off colors can be worn. Jackets, Cardigans and Sweaters: Must be solid navy blue, khaki tan, white or red. Must be worn over a school designated skirt. Must fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger or one size smaller than the student.
  • Spirit Wear: All Wilkinsburg Athletics, varsity and junior varsity team uniforms, Cheerleading uniforms, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Track wear and other Wilkinsburg paraphernalia will be allowed on Fridays with administrators permission.

All students, Grades K-12, are expected to comply with the School Uniform Policy/Dress Code No. 221, revised June 25, 2013.

Public Records Policy / Right-to-Know Request

For more information about Wilkinsburg School District policies, please visit the Pennsylvania School Board Association, or contact Cynthia Bogatay at [email protected].