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Wilkinsburg School District is reimagining how our students learn by offering a new educational opportunity to our students. Through our partnership with Waterfront Learning, students will be able to create a learning experience that is right for them. Whether you choose a complete virtual experience or blended schedule, our program is designed to meet the needs of your student.


How It Works…


Students in kindergarten through sixth grade will participate in both synchronous and asynchronous learning. They will complete engaging, virtual activities that align with our state standards. In addition, students will receive daily, live instruction from our highly qualified Wilkinsburg School District teachers. 


Our online platform offers a variety of courses. Along with English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies; students will have access to several elective courses as part of our blended schedule.  Students can attend school at a designated time for the following SPECIALS classes if they choose art, gym, health, music, STEAM, and Spanish. These courses align with Wilkinsburg School District’s standards-based curriculum therefore, students will receive the same credit for these courses. 


Our Virtual Academy gives students and families the unique opportunity of a flexible school schedule. Live instruction will occur during school hours (8:40 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.).  Each student will have a Google Chromebook to access classes and do their work, and if the family home needs a hotspot, the school district will supply it as well.


Our Virtual Academy also gives students the flexibility to complete their schoolwork from anywhere. Students may choose to complete their courses remotely. They will also have several opportunities to learn with their peers at Kelly Primary or Turner Intermediate. Virtual Academy students are encouraged to join us for assemblies, special events, field trips, or any SPECIALS class of their interest. 


Being a Wilkinsburg School District student also opens the door to many exciting extracurricular opportunities. Students may join an after-school program, play a musical instrument in the band, sing in our choir, or participate in our Disney Musical Program. 


Our Virtual Academy teachers are engaging and thoughtful with all online learning lessons.  


Kindergarten - 3rd grade - Teacher is Mrs. Sciullo

4th- 6th Grade - Teacher is Amber Hensley


Please contact our Technology and Virtual Academy Coordinator, Rachel Gardocky at [email protected]


General Information

  • Testing: Students will be required to complete some testing in-person. They will need to be brought to the building to participate in school-wide and state-wide assessments. Please see grade level specific information below.
    • Kindergarten: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)
    • First Grade: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)
    • Second Grade: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)
    • Third Grade: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)

PSSA Reading and Math (Spring):

  • Fourth Grade: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)

PSSA Reading, Math, and Science (Spring)

  • Fifth Grade: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)

PSSA Reading and Math (Spring)

  • Kindergarten: Acadience Reading and Math Testing (3 times a year)

PSSA Reading and Math (Spring)


Sample Daily Schedule


Morning Check-In: Participate in a whole group lesson with grade level. 

45 minutes

Independent Reading Work: Complete reading to do list for the day in Accelerate.

60 minutes

Independent Social Studies: Complete social studies to do list in Accelerate.

30 minutes

Lunch/Break: Take a break to eat lunch and engage in physical activity

45 minutes

Small Group Live Lesson: Participate in an individual or small group session with your teacher. The teacher will cover content specific to the student’s needs during this time.

30-45 minutes

Independent Math Work: Complete math to do list for the day in Accelerate.

60 minutes

Independent Science Work: Complete science to do list for the day in Accelerate.

30 minutes

Spanish: Participate in live Spanish lessons with grade level groups.

30 minutes


Attendance Policy


The Wilkinsburg School District Virtual Learning Program adheres to the same high

standards set by our School Board and District Administration. Students must maintain

satisfactory attendance in order to successfully complete and receive credit for their

online learning.

In order to maintain satisfactory attendance through the virtual classroom, students

must actively participate in online learning for a minimum of 3 hours per day. These

hours cover the minimum time requirements for core classes.

  • Online learning participation is tracked through our virtual learning platform. The

system will only record the hours the student is actively engaged. Any time the

programs left idle or unattended will not count toward their daily participation.

  • Please keep in mind that students will most likely need to engage in learning more

than the required time to successfully complete their courses.

  • Other academic activities such as independent reading, math flash card practice,

book discussions, etc. do not count toward the minimum 3 hours of daily

participation, but should still be occurring daily.

  • Live instruction and in-school instruction will count toward the students daily


  • Attendance is not dependent on school hours. Students have the flexibility to work

online at any time during the day.


As per Board policy and Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines, students must

provide a written excuse in order for any absence to be considered lawful. Please see the

full district-wide attendance guidelines on the following pages.

Students unable to attend virtual classes due to technology related issues must contact

the program coordinator immediately and actively seeks to resolve the problem with the

district’s IT specialist.


All virtual program absence excuses must be submitted to Rachel Gardocky via email at

[email protected]


Virtual Program students will follow the Wilkinsburg School District 2022-2023 Calendar

and will not be required to attend online classes on days the school is closed.