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Metro Community Health Center Partnership

About Metro Community Health Center

Metro Community Health Center (MCHC), a non-profit organization serving people of all ages and backgrounds, has partnered with Wilkinsburg School District (WSD) to better integrate healthcare services into Wilkinsburg's schools.

The purpose of this partnership is to provide not only basic medical care and preventive services but also to emphasize the link between health and academic success. Integrating health services into the school system helps to reinforce the idea that healthy students perform better academically and can reach their full potential.

Through this collaboration, students, their families, and faculty members will have access to a range of medical services including dental care, state-mandated screenings, comprehensive health care, and mental health support. This initiative also aims to reduce absenteeism by providing convenient access to healthcare for students, relieving parents and guardians from having to take time off work.

MCHC's mobile clinic, "Heals on Wheels" (HOWie), makes accessing these services easy. HOWie, a 38-ft RV, features two private fully-equipped exam rooms, a small waiting area, a bathroom, a wheelchair lift, and a lab area.  It functions like a regular doctor's office, assisting with scheduling and post-appointment care.

HOWie will visit Kelly Primary and Turner Intermediate alternately. For more information, contact MCHC’s Project Manager, Patrick Buehler, at [email protected].

Registration and Consent Forms
To enhance accessibility and streamline services, MCHC has introduced digital registration and consent forms. Parents and guardians can now access and fill out these forms online:
These forms are also available at the administrative building (718 Wallace Ave, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221). Completed forms can be submitted digitally or in person. 
*Please note that the registration form includes a consent form at the beginning of the packet to cover your first appointment. The registration form only needs to be completed once, but a new consent form must be filled out prior to every appointment.