Special Education » Services For Students In Non-Public Schools

Services For Students In Non-Public Schools

If a parent/guardian feels that their child may have a disability that would require supports, there are two options:

  1. If the parent does not intend to send his/her child to a public school, then a request through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit for an Equitable Participation Evaluation is advised. Recommendations will be based on services/supports available through the nonpublic school. Wilkinsburg School District does not provide special education supports within nonpublic schools.
  2. If public education is a consideration, an evaluation can be conducted by the Wilkinsburg School District certified school psychologist. Parents may request a multidisciplinary evaluation through a written request to the Office of Special Education at 718 Wallace Ave. 
  3. The student must be registered in the Wilkinsburg School District system as a student residing in the District so forms can be generated. The student continues at the non-public school during the evaluation, but if the child qualifies as a student with a disability, recommendations will only be provided as they pertain to special education within a public setting.