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Board Meeting - selection of candidate for the vacant Board of Director seat

The Board of School Directors will be holding a special meeting on Monday, January 31, 2022, at 6:00 pm for the purpose of selecting a candidate for the vacant Board of School Director's seat. The position is for a two-year term that ends in December 2023. This meeting will be held in person at 718 Wallace Avenue, Wilkinsburg, PA.

Board of School Directors approved a Resolution on the Referendum Process

In response to the recent commentary regarding Wilkinsburg's annexation into the City of Pittsburgh, much of which has been negative, inaccurate, and/or dominated by a small number of political figures here in Wilkinsburg, last night the Board of School Directors approved the attached Resolution on the Referendum Process. On behalf of our students, their families, and the taxpayers we represent, we wish to participate in the discussion.

Download a letter from School Board President, Ed Donovan and the approved Resolution statement from the School Board below.
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