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Public Records Policy - Right-to-Know request

Effective May 1, 2018, the DEP Right-to-Know office will require pre-payment for all Right-to-Know requests where costs are incurred. Requesters will be provided with an estimate on the cost of copying, flash drives, postage, etc., prior to duplication and mailing.

DEP now offers streamlined alternatives to a Right-To-Know request that are easier to submit and result in quicker turnaround time.  Before filing a Right-To-Know request, consider using one of the following options:

  • The Environmental Site Assessment Search Tool is a Geographical Information System (GIS) tool that allows consultants conducting Phase I environmental site assessments and interested members of the public access to access information maintained by DEP concerning permitting, licensing, inspection, compliance, discharges of pollution, regulated storage tanks, site remediation, and enforcement. Users can search for information regarding a specific target property and information about other properties of interest within a specified radius.  The results of the search may satisfy the needs of the assessment or can be used to create a more targeted Informal or Right-To-Know request. 

  • Informal File Review is a simple, electronic form allowing consultants to request information maintained by DEP for specific areas of interest such as programs, sites, permits, and/or time frames. Informal File Reviews may be submitted stand-alone if enough information is known by the consultant or may be used in conjunction with the Environmental Site Assessment Tool to create a targeted request based on the results of an assessment search.